Saturday, December 18, 2010

Update on Dan

I spoke with the doctor yesterday and she had the biopsy results. It is confirmed that Daniel has Psoriasis. She believes that this could be a side effect of the strep or it could be the chronic form. Psoriasis is an immune disease that attacks the skin cells. The way she described it to me yesterday, instead of the nervous and brain telling the skin to heal it overloads the skin with healing messages and therefore the skin cells multiple rapidly which results in a rash or sores in the area that needed healing. We will not be able to know if this is a side affect or the chronic disease without more infections.

Unfortunately, Ryan and I are fearing that this the chronic disease because of all the rashes and skin problems that Daniel has dealt with since he was a baby. But for now we are treating with a cream and we are hoping that within 6 months or so that the rash will be gone for good.

We are still working with the immunologist because they are still not sure why his IgG levels were low. But for now we will praise God for his answers and continue to pray for healing.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support

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  1. We are here for you guys at anytime! We love our Dan the Man!


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