Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Is Comin!

Also I have pictures of the upcoming Halloween attire, yes they will be going as the Mario brothers. Dan was told by Steven that he has to be Mario because he is smaller and Steven is Luegi(sp) because he is taller. Looking forward to a fun night with Mimi and Papa trick r treatin', Ryan and I will be hangin with the youth at the SPOT Sunday night. So enjoy the pics, and hope you get your fix, it may be another few months :)

I'm still here!

Ok so I know that it has been forever since I did a post, but I have a monster to post to make up for it. I have baseball pictures, yes my Steven is now playing on the Dragons! He is loving his team, especially his buddy Gianni Casillas. He is learning a lot and hopefully learning to be a good team player. Dan is having a great time with his "girlfriend" Carmen, Gianni's sister, we call them the cheer section, the coach has been great including Daniel where he can, he even brought him a hat so that he could look like he was part of the team. Made Daniel's day!