Monday, May 31, 2010


Tonight we had a few friend from work over, we had an awesome time! The boys loved playing with Beth, she held her own with my boys (and that is sometimes hard to do) She did however get hit quite a few times with noodles and lots of water. Fun was had by all! Thanks for coming everyone!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

1st Tooth!

Steven lost his first tooth today! He is very excited and I am very thankful he is done wiggling it! He is waiting for the tooth fair to come tonight and unfortunately some kid in his class told him that the tooth fair brings $2.00. I don't know what kind of tooth fair that kid has I used to get a quarter(ok I think I actually got a dollas, but two?)

Busy week with WONDERFUL friends

We have had a very busy week. We hung out with the Casillas' on Tuesday, Roselands on Thursday and again on Friday. Then yesterday we felt old and went to Shawn's graduation party. Ryan and I both remember him in class with us before he was in fifth grade, we had a blast watching him and his friend riding the mechanical bull that they rented for the party. When we left there we went back for more Roseland family time and watch a great UFC fight at their house with the Casillas and the Thornes. Great night, Lots of fun with my family and with my man!

Graduation Day for my Little (not so little) Steven

Steven graduated May 21st from kindergarden. He is now my little 1st grader. He will be in Ms. Mills class he met her on Friday and seems to like her or at least he thought she was pretty:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My little buzzlightyear

He is so cute, didn't think anyone would want to miss these pics!

Camping with Friends

We went camping last week with Mark and Jessica Spangler and their kids. We had a great time! The kids played very well together, Steven and Ali really enjoyed each others company. We all agreed that they had met their match. There was even a fight about who was the boss, very cute. Here are some pics, Enjoy