Sunday, May 30, 2010

1st Tooth!

Steven lost his first tooth today! He is very excited and I am very thankful he is done wiggling it! He is waiting for the tooth fair to come tonight and unfortunately some kid in his class told him that the tooth fair brings $2.00. I don't know what kind of tooth fair that kid has I used to get a quarter(ok I think I actually got a dollas, but two?)


  1. Check you out - you and Casillas, blogging last night!

    Love Steven without that tooth! Looks like such a BIG boy! Hope the tooth fairy didn't disappoint!

    See you guys this afternoon!

  2. five bucks, set a precedent...hehehehe

  3. Some kid at school told him that the tooth fair brings $2.00, we told him that if he lost a tooth with PapaMom that the tooth fair at their house brings $20!:)


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