Sunday, November 24, 2013

He knows what He's doing...

This week we have had a really rough time because of an allergic reaction Dan had, he has been on prednisone aka the devil drug!!! Today Dan cried for two and a half hours.  After the two hour cry we went to Cabalas and he was back to his happy self. Tonight in the bath Dan was singing a veggie tales song that brought tears to my eyes: "The Lord has given this land to us, no need to fuss, He knows what's He's doing!  The Lord is with us and He will take care of us, He knows what He's doing..." #GodissoGood #Godwilltakecareofus

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rough night!

Well we did something new tonight and failed miserably!! We started Daniel's treatment and then Ryan took Daniel on a Daddy/ Daniel night.  We attached his IV to his belly and put his pump in a bag and off he went.  Although, Daniel loved his yogurtini, his medican seemed to not go in at all.  In fact the treatment took over four hours tonight!  We started a new line hoping something was wrong with the IV.  Needless to say we will be calling the doctor tomorrow, this is probably really bad news.  The last time his treatment was not absorbing the doctors told us that we would have to do a double infusion(which means two pokes) or a whole new treatment which means hospitalization.  Please pray for wisdom as we move forward with these important decisions