Friday, October 16, 2009

When I grow up I want to be. . .

I listened in on a conversation between the boys (again, thats the job of the mom) while we were driving yesterday. Steven says "Dan did you know that Mr. Barnes my principle was in my class today, I want to be a principle when I grow up." Daniel looks at Steven for a minute and then says "I be a DiDi(dinosaur) Even (Steven)" Steven says, "Dan you can't be a dinosaur, they died."

Dan's response "Yes, Even I DiDi when big"

Very cute!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Little Monkeys at the Zoo

Andrea and I took the kids to the zoo on Friday. Lots of fun, played on the water pad and enjoyed some wonderful AZ weather.

Kayla and Steven walked hand in hand most of the day and Dan pull Grace by her monkey! Very cute:)

Kayla told Steven they were going to get married and all of her plans for their later relationship. Steven said "Kayla were just friends right now I can't marry to until I'm older."

Calling the Police

So lately Dan has been flipping his hand open and calling the police. He opens his hand and says "I calling olice on you" He typically does this when something is unfair. He does not get the toy he wants or the treat he wants. While at Great Two's house this past week, he called the police because my battery died and asked them to fix it, very cute!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God speaks through my children!

I had two times this week that God has used my boys to comfort me and remind me that he is still in control of this crazy weird household of mine.

First, I was driving in the car and the song "Homesick" by Mercy Me came on. I started crying and Steven was very worried about his Mommy. I was unable to speak for a time. When I finally got my voice back I told Steven that the song made me miss Great one. He responded "Its ok Mommy you know Great One will always be in your heart." I just started crying more, he warms my heart.

Second, I had a dream this morning about my sister Cayla. For those of you that knew her she was a very attitude filled little girl. My family and I were all at Victory Ranch, a church retreat location that we went to when I was young. We were all there the age that we are now, even my boys, Cayla was still four. As some of you know Daniel could be Cayla's twin, Daniel does these eyes that are so Cayla. Daniel and Cayla were playing on the playground and were giving each other "the eyes." My family and I were laughing and my Dad said "Well, I guess they met their match." I woke with us all laughing, it was very comforting.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cute Boys

Daniel and Steven have been loving Jeremy living with us, lots of music time. Here are some great pictures of the boys playing.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monopoly Sucker!

We (Ryan, Jeremy, Bethany, Steven, and I) sat down last night and played some good old fashion monopoly. Steven was kicking our butts for a very long time. Bethany cheated and in the end Bethany and Jeremy took the game (because they cheated). Here are some cute pics of steven showing off his cash.

More pictures from the Burgh

More pictures from 4th of July and Pittsburgh trip.

Pictures from the Burg

Only took me two months but here are some pictures of the boys and I in Pittsburgh with my parents, their house, our 4th celebration and some random stuff enjoy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swimming Steven

Well its happened Steven is over his fear of swimming under water.  Tonight he began swimming across the pool with his face in the water.  He said "Wow, now I can go really fast!"  He was very excited and can't wait to show his "Mom" (aka grandma) how good he swims.  He told me that he sure she will be so proud of him :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I know that I am using the book Parenting with Love and Logic properly when Dan, (my two year old) looks at me the other night and says "Mommy, no nini or baseball, choooose"  I tried to explain that choices was for Dan and not for Mommy and this was not a choice going to bed was a given.  I think I have a long 16 years ahead of me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Monster

Tonight I made crunchy ranch chicken (very easy 6 chicken breast, 1 pack of ranch dressing seasoning, 8oz of Parmesan cheese, and a cup of crushed corn flakes. . .Dip the chicken in "I can't believe its not butter and then in the mixture of everything else, place in baking dish at 375 for 45 minutes and you have a beautiful new easy chicken dinner. Not mine got it from a cook book my Grandma gave me but still very good) Back to my story, ok I make crunchy ranch chicken and I serve the chicken and go back to the kitchen to get the bread. When I return all of my crunchy ranch is scraped off my chicken and laying all over my plate. I look at my sister and Ryan who were sitting at the table the whole time and said "Who took all my crunchy ranch", they look very confused and then I look down at Dan who is pointing to himself very proudly. He smiles and says "Me did Mom" How can you be mad at that?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

You know you are a mother of boys when. . .

I was packing in my room while the boys were playing in the front room(of the old house) when I hear

"Hold still Dan I have to hit you harder" I ran out to the front room to find Daniel wearing his bike helmet and Steven holding my three pound weight in his hand about to hit Dan in the head. I yelled for them to stop and when I asked "What the heck they were doing?"

I was promptly told that they were testing Dan's bike helmet to make sure if he fell his head would be ok.

Just another day in the butler house:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brother Talk

Today in the car I was eavesdropping on my boys conversation, like every good mother should do. Steven was talking to Daniel and told him that he was going to tell him a funny story. Dan listened very well or just sat there because he didn't understand what Steven was saying. Steven said "Hey Dan remember that guy Taylor who married Bonnie, you know the one that was at the wedding, When he got into his car to leave with Bonnie his friends filled his car balloons. It was really funny cause then he said "I can't leave cause I don't have my key" and then one of his friends told him the key was in a balloon. But you know the funny part Dan the key was really with his friend and his friend didn't want Bonnie and Taylor to leave.

I just listened, but I was amazed at a five year old understanding of the situation. The best part was "you know Dan that guy that Bonnie married. . ." very cut very innocent.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ok here goes. . .

Ok so I have been asked to do a blog for awhile and there was never really a need, because everyone was here. Now as most of you know my parents are moving to the other side of the world and need a way to connect to my boys and I. So I am going to try this bloging thing. I hope you enjoy.