Sunday, May 31, 2009

You know you are a mother of boys when. . .

I was packing in my room while the boys were playing in the front room(of the old house) when I hear

"Hold still Dan I have to hit you harder" I ran out to the front room to find Daniel wearing his bike helmet and Steven holding my three pound weight in his hand about to hit Dan in the head. I yelled for them to stop and when I asked "What the heck they were doing?"

I was promptly told that they were testing Dan's bike helmet to make sure if he fell his head would be ok.

Just another day in the butler house:)


  1. ROFL And Adam wants boys. Well, they make it so life is never boring!

  2. Busted out laughing reading this! So sounds like your boys! Too cute! Where are the pictures?


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