Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brother Talk

Today in the car I was eavesdropping on my boys conversation, like every good mother should do. Steven was talking to Daniel and told him that he was going to tell him a funny story. Dan listened very well or just sat there because he didn't understand what Steven was saying. Steven said "Hey Dan remember that guy Taylor who married Bonnie, you know the one that was at the wedding, When he got into his car to leave with Bonnie his friends filled his car balloons. It was really funny cause then he said "I can't leave cause I don't have my key" and then one of his friends told him the key was in a balloon. But you know the funny part Dan the key was really with his friend and his friend didn't want Bonnie and Taylor to leave.

I just listened, but I was amazed at a five year old understanding of the situation. The best part was "you know Dan that guy that Bonnie married. . ." very cut very innocent.


  1. Cute! This post reminds me of how I have to tell stories "with my mouth" to my kids when we drive! Kyan insists on crazy stories about animals! So weird! This post is cute! Hope you guys had fun in Iowa!


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