Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update(kinda) on Dan

Let me begin by thanking each and everyone of you for praying today. The love and support that we have felt today has been overwhelming!

We began our morning with Dr. Jacobson, chief of peds for PCH. He was very helpful, and even called me at home this afternoon. We will be seeing him from now on when it comes to Daniel. He will be helping coordinate the PCH derm, and the immunologist.

We then went on to the dermatology department, and for the sake of the Dr I will not be mentioning her name. She had horrible bed side manner and we will not be going back to her anytime in the near future!

She believes that Daniel has psoriasis. She did not think a biopsy was necessary but I pushed reminding her that we were only there because two other doctors believed this was necessary. They burritoed him up and took the biopsy from his back, it was horrible. I have been on the phone with the original dermatologist and Dr. Jacobson this afternoon. . .Both have assured me that doing the biopsy was the right thing to do and the other dermatologist does not believe its psoriasis.

So to sum things up we have no more answers, I'm frustrated. We will be trying the treatment that she gave for the psoriasis on the chance that she is right and I am just overreacting, which seemed to be the theme today.

But for now we are going to go back to the immunologist that I love and get his advice and continue to talk with Dr. Jacobson who gave me his direct line today and also offered to have me call him anytime, even if it is just to get medical advice. Thank God for him today.

I'm hoping that once I calm down this was just God's way of communicating that things are not as bad as we have thought they were, and not just that we had a doctor who didn't care.

Thanks for praying,
there will not be much to update since I'm not sure where to go from here I will keep updates coming as I get them.

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