Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heather's Bridal Shower

I know it is now a week later, there has just been to much to do this week. I throw my soon to be sister-in-law a bridal shower last weekend. My mother-in-law, Cathy and Ryan's cousin, Angela were in on it too. We had a good time, wonderful food and great company!
This is a picture of our party favors I made the tag and then in the bag there were chocolate kisses, hugs and dove candies. Angela C made the name cards, they were sooooo cute!

We had french toast, an egg bake and hash browns for breakfast.
Angela C made this beautiful fruit display(don't know what else to call it other then a monster!)
Grandma Margret got in on the cooking too and helped make fruit tarts and breads! The breads were amazing!!!

We had three different center pieces and three different tables.

I am looking forward to Heather joining the family! I know Cathy and I will love having another girl to hang out with! Thanks for all the help Cathy and Angela.


  1. Wow the shower looked beautiful. I love the winter theme!

  2. Looks amazing! You guys did a great job!


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