Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend!

So this was a typical Christmas crazy weekend. Friday Ryan and I went out for his work Christmas party, Outback Steak House! Awesome, plus a date, those are far and few between lately. We had an awesome time, we even played a game about Christmas songs it was so fun, I know I'm a Christmas dork.

Then Saturday we had Steven's last baseball games (yes a double header!), while he was there I had a Christmas party with my SPOT staff! Which was of so fun, spending some time with my girls away from the church was awesome. Then we went to Glendale Glitters! This is where it gets interesting. . .
We have no money so we were just walking around enjoying the lights and crowds(enter some sarcasm in here) when a man approached the boys asking if they like silly bands. For those that don't know this is the rubber bands that we used to wear to our elbow during the 80's only know they come in all kinds of shapes, really kinda fun. Well of course my boys love them, he had free silly bands that he was giving out. We talked for a minute, the man was very pleasant. He then said "You know what I think you need this" He handed us this bag and said "There are some really good things in here, do not just throw it away make sure you look at everything." We said ok and went on our way.
As we were walking Dan saw this stand that had animal crackers I was trying to explain that you have to buy them when a lady said "No their free, go get him some" (nothing like a stranger to help you parent right. . .) Anyways I walk up to the stand, just to get some crackers and the guy says did you enter our drawing, I said "No, but I don't have money" He says "Good its free" So I took a ticket and Dan started eating. In no less then 3 minutes he draws the ticket and it was mine!! So I won this basket of goodies, they didn't even take my name or email to bug me later. I'm still not even sure what they were selling but I got a free basket of goodies!
So we head home and begin looking in the bag the guy gave us and there are 6 tickets to the celebrity baseball game, 2 tickets to a spring training game and 2 tickets to the Arizona Broadway Theatre!!! Pretty awesome huh~! Ya we thought so.

Ryan making fun of the fact that I was taking pictures to blog about this! So he earned his way into the post.
Sunday morning was very relaxing, we did nothing. But Santa did send the boys a message so we played it for them. Dan was in awe and Steven(who we could call doubting Steven, lately) was very excited!

Here's Dan checking to see if Steven believes and is into it! Very cute! The best is yet to come so stay with me I know this is a novel rather then a blog!

So lately Daniel has been pretty sick, but seems to not want to tell us what hurts or things like that. It always amazes me when kids pick up on the fact that they are stressing their mom out. But here recently his bear(recently named Caleb after Caleb A. in Ryan's small group, Dan said he just wanted to be able to hug Caleb all the time) Has been getting sick and telling us what is wrong with Dan. So Dan was very upset last week when his Caleb bear got a big hole in his face. So today we took Caleb to the Bear hospital and they fixed him right up. Dan was very cute, he was talking to the bear the whole time and told me when the lady was fixing him "Mommy I need to stay where he can see me so that he knows I'm still here." So thankful that God has given Dan this friend to help him express himself.

I think this weekend can only be summed up as God's provision. I know its silly and the free stuff is not anything big, but I truly believe God is just reminding us that he is taking care of us and he is in control.

Hope you weekend was a fun filled as mine!

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  1. love you guys, glad HE is watching over you and taking care of you!

    and can't be FREE! you got some great tickets! i love all the blogging going on lately! very proud of you for keeping us posted!


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