Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on Dan the Man

I know that there are lots praying today so I wanted to let you know a quick update on how Dan's Immunology appointment went today. First I should begin by telling you that God has provided above and beyond our expectations this week, God is Good all the Time!

Well there is very little that is new Dr. Casper does not believe he has an immune disorder, BUT he has no explanation for the infection or the rash. He did do an allergy test on Dan today, which was horrible! They "poked" Dan 35 times to discover that he has no allergies and none of this can be explained by allergies.

He is ordering two more blood test and said that if we did not already have an appointment with PCH derm he would be sending us there. He also was going to have a skin biopsy, so we are headed to Phoenix Children's Hospital December 14th beginning at 8:00am, the test will begin at 9:30.

Please continue to pray for God's provision and that Ryan and I would have wisdom in the test that we allow and the test that we would prefer to avoid.

Other then a sore back for the 35 shoots today Dan is doing just fine and is happy to be going to the store after school for silly bands because he did good with his test.

Thank you for your prayers and support, your love has been overwhelming!

Ryan and Ang

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  1. Angela (Angel for short), thank you for keeping us updated on your sons progress. We will continue to trust that God will provide and continue to bless your family. These types of things test our faith. :)


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