Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! (with an update on Dan in the middle)

I know it has been a long two weeks since I have blogged. With family in town, us going out of town and then of course trying to get ready for school on Monday the two weeks have gone so fast. I have tried to give a short run down of the last two weeks and our wonderful events. Hope you have a cup of hot chocolate and some time because this is my "short" run down:)

We began our two week break with a stop at Albertson's to our surprise Santa was there and we were able to get this wonderful picture of the boys.

We then had our Christmas on the 21st with Ryan's family. It has become a tradition to make pancakes and let the boys cook, I know dangerous but that's how we roll at the Butlers. We were able to get some wonderful pictures of the family. This is one of my favorite, Brad and Cathy and their boys!
I haven't gotten to do much editing but here are the raw photos I can't wait to edit them and put them up, came out pretty good huh?

I do love this one. During this two weeks we have had many doctors appointments and trials with Dan. I know that you are all waiting to here an update so here it what I have, not much but what I have.

He has been officially diagnosed with psoriasis, although the dermatologist is sure this is just a skin disorder(auto-immune disorder, but none the less it effects the skin), the immunologist does not agree. He has been doing blood work all week, which has been an absolute nightmare, to see if the psoriasis is the disorder or the cause of something bigger. We are still dealing with the strep infection, although another trip to the pediatric doctor, they are beginning to believe he is just a carrier of strep rather then having an actual infection.

He got a cold last week so we have been trying to get him better and of course it turned into croup and now he is on the devil drug (prednisolone) which has made him just lovely to be around! He is beginning to sound better at night and hopefully by Monday when he goes back to school we are cold/croup free.

I feel like we may be getting closer to an answer though, we have another appointment on Jan 6th with the immunologist. So big prayers at 5:00pm on the 6th.
Now back to our two weeks. On December 22nd we had a party with the youth, I made a bunch of cookies and we all decorated cookies. Well most of the youth just ate cookies, but fun was had by all and I am considering making it an annual party! Here is a picture of Daniel making his cookies.
On the 23rd we go to Aunt Mary Sue's every year. This is another Butler tradition and the best part is that Santa comes and brings toys for all the kids. The best part for a mom is watching their faces when he walks through the back door. This year was really fun because Steven is doubting and he had a heck of a time figuring out who Santa was and and where he had come from! He never figured it out so I think we still have him confused.

On Christmas Eve we served at church and then came home to my Papa being here from Ca. We then loaded up the car and went to Ryan's Aunt and Uncle's house for a wonderful evening with his extended family. We did a white elephant gift exchange and Papa got fart puddy, which was very funny! Papa left Christmas morning before any of us were awake, but as you can see from the picture he left me something to remember he was there! Papa and I have had a on going war since I was a kid, he would make my dolls do mean things to me and I would turn his pictures upside down at his house. Almost made me cry on Christmas, just reminded me how much I miss my family being around. . .Especially Papa and Grandma.

So to end it all, which of course is really just the end of my "short" summary, we had a great Christmas and New Year. My sister and brother in law Jeremy left today and my parents leave Tuesday. I don't know what we will do with our house it will feel very empty after all the company the last two weeks. Looking forward to the adventures that 2011 has to bring!


  1. sounds like you guys have had just as busy of a break as we did, so not ready to go back, as i am sure you aren't either!

    you guys have so many wonderful traditions, and i think it is the cutest thing ever that papa flipped your dolls upside down before he left christmas morning! love it!

    hoping that you get more answers about dan this week! will keep praying!

  2. It is wonderful having Christmas break off, but so hard to go back, isn't it? Such a cute blog! :-)


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