Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dad's Gone Day 2

So Ryan is gone in Israel, yes Israel. He is traveling with my father and will be gone for 10 days. So I did not forget to blog, I have just had a crazy week or so getting him off and going. So I am going to blog everyday(hopefully, this single mom stuff is not all that its cracked up to be) so that if he cannot call us he can check my blog and see what we did that day. He is 9 hours ahead and connecting has been difficult so far.

So to begin the boys and I made Ryan one card for everyday that he was gone. Now my card friends, please remember this is my hubs and he does not want or need all the beautifulness that I usually do on my cards so these cards will be "manified."

So because yesterday I was in training for work all day I did not post so here goes. First, Friday night we picked up Beth (my sis) from the airport. She did not come in until 10:00pm, but the boys were so excited they stayed up to see her. They were both out before we were even to the freeway from the airport, but they were awake to say hi when she got in the car.

Then Saturday came way to earlier I had training and left the house about 8am. Beth woke up sick and so she got up and took the boys to urgent care with her. Steven then had a birthday party at Desert Ridge, which proved to be a problem because the freeway was closed.

We then went to church last night and then out to dinner (I see this happening a lot while Dad is gone). Overall, I feel like it was a pretty good day, of course Beth would say that was because I was not home most of the day.

I did hear from Ryan(kinda) He has the ipod and is able to skype, I was in training but he called his Dad and talked. He also emailed me(insert big smile).

This was the card that I should have posted yesterday, because this was his Saturday card.
This is the card for today, we have no real plans for today. I need to go grocery shopping and then the SPOT tonight. But other then that we are just laying around.

The cute saying so far today, the boys were laying in my bed(happens a lot while dad is gone). And they both looked at me and together said "Mommy were thankful for you" I almost cried they are so sweet, I didn't really know what to say.

Overall, we are doing pretty good. Missing our Daddy and hoping to talk to him today!


  1. So cute! I love what the boys said to you and got a big knot in my throat while reading.

    I love that you made a card for each day that he was going to be gone and are going to be updating each day, so you can keep him posted on how your day is going! very sweet!

    i didn't know your sis was in town, hope she is feeling better!

    see you tomorrow!

  2. Dan and Steven are soo cute :) When I saw them on Sunday they were surpised how big Elle was. Steven asked what was wrong with her wrists because she is getting some chunk on her and her wrists look like screw ons. It was so cute ;)


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