Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Lord is my shepard. . .(2ndpost today) and update on Dan

This is my most recent card. I am going to call it "The Lord is my Shepard" As we have been struggling with the medical issues with Daniel we have seen God's provision almost weekly. A few weeks ago we had some financial help come in right when we needed it most. Co pays and antibiotics are killing our check book. But God always provides. So I made this card as a thank you note to one of those lovely angels that provided the much needed help a few weeks ago.
On the background I did a water mark stamp with the words "The Lord is my Shepard,"with cute little sheep. This is also my first card with flowers. My mom and I went to crown florist the day after Christmas. For those that don't know or don't live in Phoenix. Crown florist is one of the biggest flower/decor store in Phoenix and the day after Christmas EVERYTHING, yes everything is 50% off. I found so many awesome little flowers that I was just itching to get on a card. These little flowers remind me of the flowers that I had in my wedding and that makes me smile.

Also I know that some of you are praying and hoping for answers on Dan tomorrow. Unfortunately, we had to move our appointment to Tuesday. So please keep praying and hopefully by Tuesday night I will have some more information on Dan and his medical situation. I am still praying for wisdom and strength to know what to ask and when to push, as only mothers do.

Again thank you for much for your prays and support during this time, words cannot describe how much love we have felt.

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