Monday, January 31, 2011

Dad's Gone Day 3

Today started a little rough. We got up and did the normal morning routine, which of course did not go as easily as it does with our Daddy around. But then I was thrown for a loop when I got to Daniel's school. Daniel moved schools in October for many reasons, the speech program at Litchfield was amazing, but in addition to that there was some personality problems with a few people at his previous school. Today when I walked in to drop Daniel off there sat the "personality problem." I have never seen Daniel act very timid around other children but this other child had bullied my son so much that he immediately asked to leave. "Mommy I don't want to stay here with him." Yes, it was then and there that I had a decision to make. For the first time ever I told my child he didn't have to be friends with someone. Normally we talk about being nice and trying to always include everyone. But I told him that he did not have to talk to him or play with him. I can't go back to my child crying everyday when I drop him off at school, we were just now beginning to come home and talk about things that he liked about school and friends he was making.

So my prayer request begin, they are not in the same class and the only time that they will have interaction is in the morning. So I am just praying that Daniel can stay away from him, and when Ryan returns we are going to discuss Daniel not going to extended day in the morning anymore.

We did have a break through though, after Daniel asked to leave his next comment "Mommy can we just pray before you go," Yes that is my boy and I was very proud. He then said his verse that we have been working on "Don't be afraid for God is with me" and proceed into the room to begin his day.

Ryan we are missing you more and more, both boys got good marks on their folders today. Steven brought home his letter about the class book and he is very excited. Steven also has pictures on Friday so we can still get some school pictures of Steven this year(we missed the first set). I loved your email this morning and I look forward to another one tomorrow. I love you and miss you tons. I hope you have another awesome day!
Love you,

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