Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Update on Daniel

Today I heard from the new pharmacy.  They are working on getting authorization for the treatment, hopefully this next week.

We have been getting the run around from all kinds of different people.  However, we have had some angels sent from God.

Kathy is Daniel's advocate, or she was from the first speciality pharmacy.  When they denied our claim with them, she was suppose to be done with us.  However, she is the only one who has helped me this past week, she has talked to me and listened and given advice. . .Even though she is not being paid.  I am thankful for her wonderful help.

Michelle is a lovely lady that I spent most of my time yesterday speaking with.  She was one of the first (other then Kathy above)  who truly listened to me.  She is currently advocating for Daniel to get a case worker with the insurance company this would be huge!! If we were approved we would have one contact at the insurance and an advocate within the insurance company.

I am constantly having wonderful people asking what they can specifically be praying for:  So this week we are praying that the insurance will approve Daniel's treatment, quickly.  We are also praying for the case manager to be approved as well.  But the biggest prayer we are praying for right now, we have still not told Daniel.  Both Ryan and I are broken hearted about this and it is pretty emotional just to think about talking to Daniel.  Please pray for the words to help Daniel understand, and to help Ryan and I speak loving and comforting words.

Thank you for your prayers
Angela and Ryan

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