Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1st Treatment at Home Tonight

Tonight we did Dan's first treatment at home.  Or maybe I should say that I did Dan's first treatment at home. . .Tonight was a really big deal for me.  Our nurse sat with me and walked me through each step by step(and yes I took detailed notes, no jokes allowed!)  This was super hard for me, until last week I had never even been in the room when my boy had been "poked" with a needle.  I normally let the nurses be the bad guys and I come in and rescues my babies from the big bad nurses.  Tonight I was the one doing the poking. . .it was hard!

But all things considered we did it and Dan did awesome!  Dan and I joked about this being his medicine boom box.  Doing the treatment at home where he can go to bed as soon as its over which was much easier then last week.  I will keep things updated as the week continues.

We are praying for no new side affects this week.  One of the advantages of him going to bed right away is that the huge bump on his leg will hopefully go down before he wakes up and needs to go to school.  But the other side affect that was very hard for Dan was the head aches that followed the two days after the treatment.  If these are the only side affects that we have we are very blessed!  Please keep praying, your prayers are being felt and answered!

Thanks for all your prayers and support,
Ryan and Angela

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