Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update on the new treatment

Many have asked and so here is a short update on Dan and how the new treatment is going.  Sorry if we have not updated more often...there's just not a lot of positive to say.

The new treatment requires the three shots which has caused Dan to have quiet a bit of soreness in his belly.  And although he has not thrown up in the last two weeks from head aches(which is a win),  he has been extremely moody and emotional.  He seems to be reacting to this treatment like he is on a steroid, with crazy mood swings!

The treatment does go faster which seems to be a good thing for Daniel but overall we are not seeing a ton of changes in his head aches and the general side affects.

We are going to keep with it for a few more treatments and hope for the best!  

Thank you for your continued prayers
Ryan and Angela 

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