Monday, January 6, 2014


Sorry for not posting for a while.  I would have said no news is good news and we were blessed with my family in town for the last two weeks, although some of that is doesn't take a Christmas vacation.  Overall, Daniel did pretty good the last few weeks.  We have had two different infusions not go well:  one did not absorb and we had to start a new line and the second took over four hours.  But we are learning that this seems to happen every few rather then treating it like a crisis were trying to be happy we are still doing treatments at home and not at the hospital!

Last week, we had another hiccup Daniel's infusion site(the one that took over four hours got infected).  So we are currently treating that with antibiotics and hoping that the infection goes away soon.

Today was especially hard for Dan Mondays in general are difficult he has more head aches and tends to have the most reaction to his treatment on Sunday afternoon into Monday.  But today he actually crawled up into my lap and laid there for over an hour!!!  We did all the normal meds and basically sent him to bed.  He wanted to sleep with Steven and Steven let him, but Steven told him remember Daniel just say your memory verse Joshua 1:9 be strong and courageous and you will feel better!  We are so blessed to have boys who love God and each other so much!!!

Tomorrow Dan has an appointment with Pheonix Children's for his wart treatment please pray, this treatment is not going well and we are not sure what the next steps are in this process.

Thank you for all the love, prayers and support,  God is good and we are confident that we will see his goodness through this situation!
Ryan and Angela 

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