Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New treatment!!!

We are starting a new treatment tonight!  Daniel has been really struggling with major headaches that have been causing vomiting and just mood altering in general.  Our worst days tend to be Sunday afternoons and Mondays.  Monday nights especially, by the time he gets home from school on Monday night he's just done and typically just lays on the couch if not throwing up in bed.  This of course is all weird to the doctors because they have no idea why he's getting sick three days after his treatment.  

So when the decision was made to change the treatment we had no idea that the two treatments were so different!  Tuesday the pharmacy called to tell us that we were going to have to start doing three infusion sites instead of one.  That means three injections rather than one!  As any Mom might I started freaking out trying to think of how I was going to explain to my six-year-old that now instead of one poke he was going to get three every single week.  In addition, to the three injections we now have to have a nurse come to the house to watch this treatment because there's a higher chance that he would react with a reaction of shock with this medicine. 

 So like any conscientious mother I called the doctor and became a nag!  Apparently, I had not asked enough questions when we decided to change the medicine I had no idea the risk factors with changing the brand of the medicine versus the risk factors of keeping the same medicine and dealing with the sickness.  Thankfully my doctor is absolutely amazing!! God has reminded me time and time again that he is watching over Daniel and all of us by providing people in our path who really do care for us and especially for Dan!

So tonight we used the "magic lotion" this is a cream that is suppose to numb the skin before the injection.  And although Dan was not happy about getting poked three times he came through like a champ!  The nurse was amazed at what a good system we had down.  Some of the positive things of this new brand is that it will infuse in a little over an hour!!! Also, because he is getting the medicine in three spots he may not get as much swelling in his belly.  So tonight went well!  God is good and we will keep praying that this new treatment works better!  Thanks for your prayers, they are felt and we feel very loved!

Ryan and Angela


  1. Praying this new medicine helps your sweet little guy!

  2. We continue to pray for you guys! One "poke" a week is hard enough for our family. I can't imagine 3 at a time. We really should get together and chat one of these days. I think we need a Moms night out. Love you guys!


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