Sunday, February 23, 2014

Praising our Great Healer!!!

I have not posted lately because things have been pretty rough.  Although, there are some struggles that we are still not ready to share.  God has known our needs and has provided.  We have recieved some amazing financial gifts that only God could have known we needed(we're not great at asking for help).  But we have seen very little encouragement in terms of how Dan is responding to treatment, wart treatment or otherwise.

But last weekend Daniel told me "look Mommy my warts are going away." I smiled and tried to change the subject, because I didn't see any change.  But tonight as we were getting ready to pray at dinner, Ryan took Daniel's hand and started frantically searching his hands.  The warts are gone!!!  Yes gone!! There are some scars from the warts but there are no more warts!  We sat and cried and praised our Lord for this healing!!! Ryan and I have been so discouraged lately that God must have known we needed some encouragement in this area.

Thank you for your continued prayers we have some big things coming this week and could really use some prayers for God to intervene!


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