Thursday, March 27, 2014

Making Progress but We need Your Help!!

God is so Good!! Every time we are stuck and struggling whether emotionally, financially, or physically God steps in and provides.  Daniel is still struggling both with his treatments and at school, I know I haven't written about the school stuff to much.  But mostly because we have been struggling so much with everything that I can't really bring myself to talk about it without being overwhelmed with sadness, fear and frusteration!  However, with all of that said, God has provided and continues to provide!!!

As we move forward, we need to do some things differently to be able to provide for Daniel's medical bills.  Although, God has provided and we are surviving. . .We need to be earning more money to pay for the bills that are growing daily.  I have had many people ask over the last year "How can I help?"  Well, if you are looking to help here is your opportunity!  I am relaunching my MaryKay business!  My MaryKay business has taken a back seat to all the craziness that has been happening, however there is no doubt that if I could be bringing in $500- $1000 more a month we would be able to pay Daniel's medical bills without a problem.  So I am looking for five women(or men who want to volunteer their wives :) to let me come to your house and pamper you with a facial!!  After you have experienced these products that I love, I am asking that you host an online party within the next three months.  This party would simply be an open party online(Facebook) for a week, you earn rewards by simply asking your friends to look at buying some make up and talking up your experience working with me.  I am asking for these parties to be hosted in the next three months, because I am kinda doing a trial.  If I am able to work this business for the next three months and earn the money we need I will continue to push my business and grow my business.  If this is not a method that helps with our medical bills, the way I am hoping then we may be looking at other options.

I have been using MaryKay make-up since I was 16 years old.  I have extreme allergies and these products are my lifeline when my allergies are in an uproar!  There is something for everyone, the teenager that is just beginning to explore make-up, the women who simply wants a clear beautiful look and the age fighting products are super amazing(maybe the best I have ever seen or used)!
If you are at all interested please check out my website or give me a call about setting up your personal facial.

Thanks for all your prayers, We will be seeing the Doctor in May to see how the treatments have been helping Daniel and I will be sure to keep the blog up to date.

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