Friday, April 18, 2014

Update on Danimal!

Im sorry for the lack of posts, Daniel has had three really rough weeks in a row.  Lots of head aches and throwing up...and some trouble with his infusion sites.  We go in for the panel checkup with   the doctor in two weeks, I don't have the date yet but I will post when I know more.  For now we could use some specific prayers:

1. Ryan had been really sick this week and we have been trying to keep Daniel as healthy as possible, but he has a bit of a cough.  Pray that it does not turn into a respiratory infection!

2. Pray that his blood test will come back showing the treatments are having a positive affect on his Igg levels.  And ultimately, that his body fixes itself.

3. Pray that if the test come back positive Ryan and I have the wisdom to know how to proceed.  The choice will be continue with treatment because they are working or take him off and hope that his body has made the necessary adjustments.

We know that God is in control and we are praying that God uses this to grow us and Daniel to be better examples of how his people deal with struggles.

Thank you for your prayers,
Ryan and Angela

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