Monday, June 16, 2014

Prayers for Dan

Many have been texting, calling and asking how to pray for Daniel's recent struggles.  Although God answered our prayers and Daniel is off treatment we are not out of the woods.  Daniel was taken off treatment for two reasons, one his body was reacting negatively to the treatment and the doctor thought he needed a break.  And two his counts were slightly higher(which we are praising God for everyday)!  All that said we have had some other stuff to deal with while I am home this summer.  One of which was some vision problems that Daniel has been having.  We saw a specialist and Daniel was diagnosed with two vision disorders.  Our biggest concern is that Daniel's eye sight has deteriorated from a .75 to 1.75 in less then nine months.  The doctors are recommending a very special therapy that will help train Daniel's eyes.  The next concern is the cost.  Of course this being a special treatment the cost is outrageous and  insurance doesn't cover it.  So what can you pray for?  

We are looking into all of our options and we are praying for guidance and wisdom.  In the long term God will have to provide financially because the cost does not work out on paper.  We are confident that God will open doors and provide where he sees fit.  Until then please just pray that we connect with the right professionals to make this happen.

Thanks for all your prayers and love they are being felt!

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