Friday, February 4, 2011

Dad's Gone Day 7

Today's been a good day. We went to work as usual, the boys going to school. When I picked Dan up he was so excited to tell me that he went to the treasure box!! This is a huge deal because that means that he had three excited faces(this is going above and beyond the classroom expectations for the day) this week, that alone should be amazing but he was out of school Tuesday which means that he got three of four days with an excited face this week!!!! He has really been working on it and he was glowing when I picked him up today. His teacher is wonderful she is really working with him and we are seeing some great progress. I am so thankful for the move to Litchfield Elementary!

His teacher even took this adorable picture today during art class, of Daniel having fun at school I know most kids do this all the time but this has not been Daniel most of the year this year. So this brought tears to my eyes when she sent it to me today!
Then we were off to dinner with our close friends, the Sanders. They had us over for dinner so that I didn't have to cook, isn't that amazing! I know they are so thoughtful, the kids played and we were able to socialize as adults(with kids running around and playing of course). Nicole made an amazing dinner of tacos and Darius cleaned up(what a good hubby). We were hanging out Steven's highlight of the night was beating Darius at mariokart on his game system(not sure which one, I don't know things like that). Although my night was really made just getting to hang with these wonderful amazing friends. My highlight of the night was when Tyshawn came running up and hugged and kissed me before leaving, I just love these kiddos!

Thanks Sanders for an amazing night and only one more day and a wake up until my honey is home!!!!!

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