Monday, December 5, 2011

Crazy weekend at the Butler's

So as you can see we had a fun filled craziness at the Butler's this weekend.  Thursday night I went to the allergy doctor and had to have an epi shot which was not as bad as I thought it would be.  But it was not fun to say the least!  My allergies have been horrible and the doctor is debating whether I should be having allergy shots on a regular basis or not.

Then on Friday night Dan was riding his scooter, fell and bit through his bottom lip. . .Yup that sent us to the urgent care.  We had to get stitches!  Dan was a champ though he really didn't even cry, just growled at the doctor.  Yes I said GROWLED. . .The doctor said that was a first for her, not for me. . .He seems to be his regular Danimal back to wrestling and jumping around with no problem.  He actually was more upset because he wasn't able to play outside because we had to go to the doctor!

Yes, that was the first of many I'm sure he is my fearless, crazy one!

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  1. sorry you had such a rough weekend! if it makes you feel any better, owen growls too!! =) hang in there! miss you xoxoxo


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