Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yes I'm still here!!

So this is my catch up post, we have been having so much fun that I have not had time to blog :( I know so sad. The pictures of the boys that you are looking at and no doubt thinking "Wow arn't those cute kids!"  These were taking on our family vacation to Colorado, in Pagosa Springs.  We stayed at a resort there on Ryan's bosses time share points.  He graciously gave us five day and four nights for one of Ryan's bonuses!  It was wonderful, cold but beautiful all at the same time.

 The boys enjoyed fishing multiple times a day and I got to read a ton!  Yes that was my perfect vacation!!

 When we got home I had a baby shower for my niece that will be coming in January.  Her name is top secret but I can tell you that I am so excited to have a little one around and even better to have a girl.  Bethany is doing well and keeping Jeremy busy with the painting and decorating of the baby girls room.  My family and I will be going to Colorado for Christmas since Beth is not able to travel so I will get to see the room then and maybe if the baby decides to grace us with her presence early I might get to see her then too.  But more likely I will be going back to Colorado in January and helping when the baby comes!  So very excited!! I think that is a good summary of the most important things the last few months.  I will be working on keeping the blog updated better(but don't hold me to it too much:)

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  1. Welcome back:) Your boys are getting so big!!! Bethany looks great:) So excited for your family.


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