Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sad Days . . .

I wanted to make you all aware of the medical stuff going on in my house this last week.  I am pretty much a mess to talk about it so I thought if I blogged it would be easiest on me.

Daniel had his six month count check last week and it came back very low.  This means that he has little to no antibodies fighting infection in his body.  He will be going back on weekly treatment to infuse his body with antibodies.  This will cause him to have sever head aches, be sick to his stomach and overall more sleepy.  Our hope is this treatment will allow him to continue in the general population at school.

Danie has also been struggling with some joint problems which we will be doing some further tests to rule out other major illnesses.  
We have had lots of questions on how you can help:
1. For the treatment to be as easy as three injections a week can be.
2. Daniel's body response and his counts come up, allowing him to stay active and involved in regular activities like school, church and sports.
3. For wisdom for the doctors, with the tests that are to come.

If you are still interested in helping Ryan's sweet cousin Kaylee has set up a site for Daniel.  Is not like us to ask for help, but she was amazing and set this up without our knowledge.  We are truly overwhelmed at the love and support of our family and friends.

We fully believe that God is watching over Daniel and we will see His goodness through this struggle.


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